Wave Sliding – Soul Style
Wave Sliding – Soul Style


Kemp Aaberg “Soul Arch” 1959 by John Severson.

This iconic photo embodies the very roots of California surfing. Kemp Aaberg was at the forefront of early surf culture in California and one of the legends credited with bringing this sport of kings to the masses through his stylish abilities. His name is synonymous with the other greats of his time including “Da Cat” Miki Dora, Johnny Fain, Terry “Tubesteak” Tracy, and Mickey Muñoz, the sport’s first celebs of sorts that would regularly be seen riding the waves of Malibu and Rincon. This particular photo was taken by John Severson in 1959 during a winter swell at Rincon and became an enduring image of California surfing and the original logo for Surfer Magazine.

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